Visiting Redlands House
Friday, August 24, 2012 at 2:18PM
Mr Coutts

This term Year Six were invited to spend some of their lunch times with Redlands House Students. These children are only three and four so Miss Mac said we could only take seven year six students, however, so many children wanted to go down to see the little ones that Miss Mac extended it to two or three days and she was able to take twelve kids with her.

Year 6 went down to Redlands house to help the younger children. The 1st week was when we got to meet the kids and as soon as we meet them we didn’t want to leave. We got the read stories to them and wake them up from nap time and this was fun especially fun because we got to help them pack up. Eventually we had to leave but we couldn’t wait to see them again the following week.

The next few weeks we spent more time outdoors so we really had a lot of fun especially at packing up time. Some of the boys played with the little kids in the hut and they read stories together, but some of the boys played sport on the Redlands House Courts. The girls also had a lot of fun making towers, pushing the kids on the swings and playing in the arts and crafts section. Some of the girls helped to populate the road around their tower and some girls were presented with crowns that they were encouraged to wear until the end of the visit to Redlands House.

At the end of each visit the kids were very upset to see us leave but knew we would come back soon.

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