Welcome to Term Three
Wednesday, July 9, 2014 at 7:29PM
Mr Coutts

It seems like only days ago that the year started and a group of children entered Year Six 2014. Now we are half way through the year and can see the first signs of a new level of maturity. It will not be long now before Senior School beckons and the excitement of new challenges draws this group of students away.

For now though we have the challenge of ensuring they are ready for the transition to Senior School, that they will be able to make the most of the opportunities available and have the skills required to manage new routines. To that end the next two terms will include opportunities to build these essential skills, to become organised and self-motivated learners.

The first obvious consequence of this step is that the students will return to school and be kicked out of the classroom. This might sound harsh but the reality is that the little piece of personal space that was called 'my underdesk' will be packed away and all students will begin to live like a Year Seven student, that is to say 'out of their lockers'. The result is they will need to start planning ahead, looking at their timetable and bringing to class what they need for the next two lessons. We do this now so when they forget soemething, and they will, it is just a quick trip out the door to retrieve it. Not being able to plan ahead in Year Seven might mean a trip across the school and a large slab of wasted time.

Moving out of the classroom and into lockers is just the first step. To help families with the process of preparing for Year Seven this site includes a section dedicated to the transition to Year Seven. It includes many helpful hints including suggestions from students and parents who have survived the transition. One of the first tips to implement is the purchase of a couple of Magazine Holders. These simple devices will convert a disorganised locker into a book-preserving bastion of calm serenitiy and ensure late arrivals to class are a thing of the past.

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