Introducing Genius Hour
Friday, February 27, 2015 at 1:24PM
Mr Coutts

As mentioned during the Meet the Teacher sessions and described to students on day one of term, Year Six will be embarking on a 'Genius Hour' project in 2015. This project will replace the ‘Personal Passion Project’ which students have undertaken in Term Four in the past. Genius Hour will retain the aspects that allow students to engage with a passion through an extended project while allowing us to scaffold the skills required to manage this style of project based personalised learning. By spreading this project across the year we retain the ability to have students engage with learning in Science and HSIE topics throughout each term of year.

The Year Six teachers have been very busy over the past weeks planning this programme and researching best practice in the area. Having completed this style of project for eight years now we have a great deal of expertise within the year group to draw upon and have found that in many areas our experience is more substantial than the experts. Regardless we have found ways to tweak the processes and better prepare our students for the exciting  journey that lies ahead.

One element we are excited about involves drawing on the expertise of our parent community and we have arranged for a number of parents with expertise in project management and design thinking to share their knowledge with the students. Initially this will for an introduction to the skills and dispositions required and show that the skills being developed have true relevance beyond the classroom. This begins on Monday 2nd March with a visit from Project Manager Charlotte Malycon who has prepared an excellent presentation to share with the students. Later in the year we may have opportunities to call on parents, grandparents or friends of the school to act as expert mentors for students exploring areas outside of the expertise of their teachers.

On Monday 16th March we will visit Powerhouse Museum as an opportunity for students to explore a wide variety of designs, engineered products and inventions as inspiration for their projects. It is hoped that this visit will encourage students to consider what makes a product stand out from the crowd and how they may create something similarly innovative.

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