Readers Blog and Workshops

To encourage our keen readers and build a community for them to participate in we are introducing a Reader's Blog. Students will use this as a place to share the books they have enjoyed and find new stories and authors to explore. We hope that with time this Blog will become a resource for reluctant readers to find great stories suggested and reviewed by their peers.

To develop the skills required for this type of writing and reflection Mrs. Ling will work with an initial group of students. This group of eight students will meet Wednesday's during a designated writing time and explore how to write effective reviews of the books they love to read. Mrs. Ling, while well known for her mathematical brilliance is a passionate writer with regular short articles published to the Sydney Morning Herald. She is in the final stages of writing her first novel and we hope to see this published in the near future.

Students in this group will work directly with Mrs Ling to develop their Blog posts for a period of four weeks after which they will be able to independently draft submissions for approval by one of the Year Six Teachers.

If this initial group is successful we will offer a second group to expand the number of students contributing to the Blog which will be a part of the the Year Six website. Further options for enthusiastic writers will be made available throughout the year.


International Day - 5th April 2012

Dear Parents,

Thursday 5th April is International Day and we are keen to offer Year Six a variety of International Activities to celebrate the day. We recognise that the best source for such ideas is our talented International parent body.

We plan to offer these activities between recess and lunch on Thursday 5th in two rounds, one from 11:00 to 12:00 pm and one from 12:00 to 1:00 pm. If you would like to run an activity in either block of time please let us know. An email with a brief description of the activity and its international flavour is all we require at this stage. If you are brave and would like to offer two sessions please indicate that in your reply or indicate a preference for one of the two sessions.

I am sure that together we can make this a memorable day for all of Year Six.


For those who have requested further information or guidance here are some suggestions, please don't feel restricted by this, let your imagination run free.
If you feel a shorter time for an activity is more appropriate we can accommodate that too.
  • Traditional Games
  • Traditional Songs or Rhymes
  • Arts or Crafts
  • Interesting words or Phrases
  • An artwork or Tag Cloud of words
  • Poems
  • Clapping Games
  • Traditional Dance
  • Special Meals (discussing traditions as a part of culture more than preparing or consuming)
  • Short Stories
  • Comics or Picture Books, reading or making
  • Children's TV
  • Drama
  • Puppet Shows
  • Jewelry Design
  • Calligraphy
  • Trivia
  • Special Days, Holidays, Festivals, Celebrations and Traditions that go with each.

Any of those simple games or activities that you may have played when you were young and enjoyed playing with a group of friends would be fantastic.

Kind Regards,

Nigel Coutts  Year Six Coordinator


Returning from Camp

Our expected time of arrival is presently 5:00 pm.

Delayed by accident on freeway south of Sydney near King George's Rd. Past that now and moving but will meet more traffic on the way.


Day Four

We have arrived in Canberra and visited Parliament House. The students have shown off their knowledge of Parliament and enjoyed participating in a role play scenario in a genuine committee room that would be used by the politicians we are studying.

Of great benefit to the students has been the knowledgable and experienced guide at Parliament House. Their first hand experience helped bring the subject to life and provided the insights that only comes from years of working amongst all the action.


Day Three

Another amazing day with lovely weather despite some rain at night. The students have had a full day of activities and approached everyone with enthusiasm. 

The students have demonstrated a most delightful attitude towards each other. The common comment from both the teachers and camp staff is how wonderfully supportive the students are of each other. At every opportunity the students have shown a desire to encourage each other and because of that every student has had a great experience and enjoyed many little and the occasional BIG success.